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Kansas grows some tight cracker asses:

They grow 'em tall and white in Kansas it seems. Country as fuck too. This redneck motherfucker came into my office today and I knew he was not ready for what he was about to get into. You come here from Kansas, for this job. Cracker you fucking crazy. And those boots! This hick from the sticks wore cowboy boots to the interview. For some reason, that got my black blood pumping. Maybe cause I ain’t never fucked a cracker so white before. There was just something about this hillbilly motherfucker made me want to stick my big black dick down his throat. I let him know the deal. You want the cash, you gotta suck this black dick. Everyone’s got bills bro. You want this money or not? It was delightful watching that motherfuck get down on his knees, open wide, and take my black dick all the way down his throat. I nearly bust right then. I held it back though because I was going to get my money's worth. I fucked that crackers ass all over the office and left my nut all over his pretty honky face. I hope he wore that shit all the way back home and showed it off to ma and pa crackerass.