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From Russia With Cum

We just got international in this bitch. This Russian bitch came in for work. He knew what the job was, but I don’t think he knew how big my dick is. That white commie bitch got a job alright, sucking my big black dick and taking it up his tight pink asshole. I could tell it wasn’t his first time taking a dick, but after the way I treated him, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was his last.


You Got Heart, Lance

So I got a famous Cracker in the building wanting to get fucked for CASH! Lance Heart walked into my rinky-dink office and wanted to fuck for money. Man times must be tough for this WHITE BOY! I gave him the third degree and then stuffed him with my ten inch black hog…This cracker loved him some BLACK DICK. So now you know if yo need cash, no matter how famous you are come see me, I GOT THAT BBC FOR YOU.!!!


Kansas grows some tight cracker asses

They grow 'em tall and white in Kansas it seems. Country as fuck too. This redneck motherfucker came into my office today and I knew he was not ready for what he was about to get into. You come here from Kansas, for this job. Cracker you fucking crazy. And those boots! This hick from the sticks wore cowboy boots to the interview. For some reason, that got my black blood pumping. Maybe cause I ain’t never fucked a cracker so white before. There was just something about this hillbilly motherfucker made me want to stick my big black dick down his throat. I let him know the deal. You want the cash, you gotta suck this black dick. Everyone’s got bills bro. You want this money or not? It was delightful watching that motherfuck get down on his knees, open wide, and take my black dick all the way down his throat. I nearly bust right then. I held it back though because I was going to get my money's worth. I fucked that crackers ass all over the office and left my nut all over his pretty honky face. I hope he wore that shit all the way back home and showed it off to ma and pa crackerass.


There’s a First Time For Everything

These white bitches will do anything for a job, and I got just the job for them. So, this bitch named Adam comes in thinking he’s interviewing for some boring cubical job. He said he was open to new things, so I tested him. He had trouble sucking my big black dick. He was gaging and choking all over that BBC. He had just as much trouble taking my big black dick up his tight white ass. He came through though, or rather, I came all over his pearly white face. Stupid fucking cracker.


Fuck this cracker bitch and his little dog too!

This white motherfucker thought he was walking into the land of Oz or some shit. He thought it was cool to just bring his little dog with him too. The only lion he’s going to meet here is me and my hard black dick. It’s harder than any tin motherfucker that’s for sure. This cracker thinks his resumes would get me hard or something but I’m like fuck that shit. I ripped it in half and threw it right back at him. He tells me he needs money so I tell him the deal. He says he’s not gay. Like I give a fuck what this cracker bitch thinks or says. Suck my black dick or get nothing and get the fuck out you cracker bitch. Dorothy here was on his knees sucking my dick after that and then I fucked his lily white ass for all it was worth. I wouldn’t have paid more than three-fiddy for it. Dumb cracker.


Cracker gets stuffed with black cock

I love my motherfucking job. Tons of dudes line up trying to get into the biz, although they expect to be fucking chicks for money. What they don’t know is that they won’t be doing the fucking. They come here to get fucked by this big black dick. This time around this cracker named Grayson stepped in desperately needing some money. So I helped him out, by shoving my dick down his throat and spreading that fucking asshole white open. You need money? First you gotta handle this big black monster cock!


Cracker cums while getting black cocked

I have Chase scheduled for an interview today. He was here today because his girlfriend has told him he needs to get some income. When I told him to start working on my cock, he showed some hesitation. I told him he can get to it right away or get the fuck out. As soon as he heard that, he got on his knees and starting sucking my big black dick. I got him naked and he did have a nice body. He got fucked all kinds of ways and even came while he was getting it on his back. I got him back on his knees and came on his face. Afterward, I told him to get the fuck out.


Stuffed Cracker with a side of Black Balls

Innocent looking Jason enters inquiring about the “job”. He says he is not gay, but really can use the money. “Not gay”, yeah right. I wasted no time in telling him he needs to get to work on my big black shaft. Afterwards, I fucked him hard all over the desk. This one was one of my favorites.


mommas boy comes clean on my big black dick

Today we have Taylor coming in for a job. what he didn’t know was the job was sucking my fat dick. Taylor is a cute little white boy slim build just the way i like it. He makes some great moans as he takes my dick up his ass. Nice little ass he has too.


Crackers be cumin

The 21 year old 5’ 10” Zeke came in. Fucking pretty boy needs money so he was gonna suck and take my black dick to obtain that money. Zeke thought we were calling him back, he thought wrong Zeke was starting today. White boy got a good fucking so good he came himself.


Ginger snaps on this big black dick

Mickey came in for an interview little did he know he was gonna take my fat ass dick down his throat. Micke being a ginger was interesting as the saying goes gingers have no soul but i’ll tell you what he sure had one after i fucked him in the ass.


Dark side of this little white moon

Raheem gave this rough looking Jesse an interview today. Jesse looked like he was tearing up as he came in. Jesse assumed after the interview he was going home n waiting for a call but he assumed wrong. No what Jesse did was went over and started sucking Raheem’s dick which he seemed to really love doing. Raheem then got in that ass while Jesse took it you could see it in his face.


Tell me he's not gay

A new hiree came in today. Name was Toby, kid has some nice abs. Toby says he isn’t gay, till he starts sucking my dick and getting fucked hard in the ass then he realizes how much he loves dick. Toby is pretty cute I have some what a soft spot for the cute ones reason i give it to him so rough.